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    Određen forumom DOXA Customer Service

    U poslednje vreme sve više kupaca se žali na DOXA kompaniju, njihovu kontrolu kvaliteta, probleme prilikom isporuke i servisiranja satova dok je ophođenje prema kupcima od strane korisničkog servisa koji je i inače na lošem glasu ovih dana dotaklo samo dno. Na jednom stranom forumu na kojem je Doxa i jedan od sponzora osvanula je tema u kojoj kupac opisuje svoje gorko iskustvo sa ovom kompanijom.

    Citat olek kaže:
    Doxa sub 5000t customer service problem

    Here we go.

    Hereby I will present rather sad story about Doxas customer support, service standards, and overall attitude to its clients.

    At 04/02/2011 I have bought brand new DOXA 5000T Sharkhunter, using direct path and official Doxa site :

    Payment was transfered using my Paypal account, transaction No 65V072535W482133X.

    Happy as a puppy - was waiting for a delivery.

    The parcel left USA at 15/02/2011 by FedEx, tracking No 794426316994

    At 20/02/2011 FeEx Warsaw branch got complet documentation and prepayment to proceed with VAT tax and custom fees, delivered by bank transfer at FedEx account in Poland (total amount >$430)

    The parcel has "in delivery" status, and was to be delivered, when was called back by DOXA itself. I got the mail as follows :

    Hi Waldemar,
    There has been a mistake, the wrong watch was shipped to you. We are trying to get it sent back to us, but if you receive a package from DOXA DO NOT ACCEPT IT. Tell them to return to sender. We will get the correct watch sent to you as soon as possible. I am very sorry for this problem!
    Thank you,
    Andy Bard
    Customer Care
    DOXA Watches
    DOXA WATCHES SWISS MADE WATCHES since 1889 l Clive Cussler Edition | SUB 1200T PROFESSIONAL DIVE WATCH !!NEW model!!

    The parcel was sended back to Warsaw, and after nother TWO WEEKS was shipped back to US, FedEx No 867603574091

    There was no feedback neither from FedEx, nor DOXA concerning the case, even if I have sended mails, contacting by Paypal, by on-line chat, and so on.

    The case get some speed starting from 11/03/2011.

    I got the mail from my pale Andy, DOXAs employee of the month for bulling the clients, what I will show to you later.

    The message goes :

    Hi Waldemar,
    We are going to ship your watch to you in the next day or two. First we need to get the VAT from you, it comes to $400.
    Thank you,
    Andy Bard
    Customer Care
    DOXA Watches
    DOXA WATCHES SWISS MADE WATCHES since 1889 l Clive Cussler Edition | SUB 1200T PROFESSIONAL DIVE WATCH !!NEW model!!


    DOXA demands me to pay ADDITIONAL $400, when I have already paid $430 for VAT and custom fees, and still have no watch !

    Considering the fact, that DOXA is not responding for my mails, only sending requests, I have tried to get theirs intrest by asking at official DOXA subforum at WUS.

    The only I have got, was a privat mails like this :

    No 1 :

    customer service issue
    Dear Sie, we are taking care of your problem, we will contact you by email ASAP, please do not post customers ervice issues on the DOXaA forum as this does not comply with the forum rules.
    Thank you

    Great Like there is anything else I was doing for a last three weeks

    And No 2, even better : why must I pay double VAT tax due to theirs mistake :

    Re: customer service issue
    Dear Sir, please email us at we do not use the forum for communication.
    We want to send you the watch but the VAT must be added to the price and you actually started a paypal dispute. It is realy very difficult to communicate if you dont understand what we are writing to you

    Yeap. What a miserable redneck from the Eastern Europe am I, not to understand The Voice of DOXA Holly Virgine. Pitty me, silly me. Must have been gone down from a tree a bit later then my precious pals from DOXA customer support...

    Have opened a dispute on Paypal, not having the watch, having paid > $830 - it was 4 days till the end of Paypal security cover time.

    After a chit chat with my precious friends from DOXAs customer support, I belived that this whole thing is just an misunderstanding, and they will help me to resolve the case - anyway, it was my third DOXA watch, first that was sended from the USA (two others I get from Switzerland). So I have paid this additional $400 for VAT ...

    Suddenly, the 5000T was resended, but not from the USA, but from Austria, that is EU member, and no VAT and custom fees are to be paid

    As a cherry on a pye - the DOXA arrived broken No sign of life from balance wheel at all.

    The answer that I have got from DOXA is a kind of its own, but reassembles all that were previous : I was told that have no idea how to wind automatic watch The "monkey down form a tree" case again.

    What must I do ? Send the watch to DOXA, finally. They will fix it. I did. Paid ADDITIONAL $190 for secured shipment by myself, because as DOXA The Great told me, "the monkey down from the tree", sending the watch cost goes to the sender

    Did you add the numbers ? If not : the price of the watch from official DOXAs store - gone. Additional $1020 - gone. No watch. DOXA is cool. I am not. But DOXA doesn't care. Still, they HAVE the money, and HAVE the watch.

    When they get back the second watch - they have closed Paypal dispute by sending me the money back. But not witch additional $1020 that I have paid, just first transaction amount.

    I logged into DOXAs live chat, and asked for explains. None. Zero.

    So, no case for Paypal. No case for DOXA. Is a case for me.

    For the ones interested, my chit-chat with DOXA by Paypal :
    Paypal transaction 65V072535W482133X
    Paypal dispute PP-001-244-308-379

    14-03-2011 14:58 CET
    Dear Sir, we sent you the first watch (professional) by fedex, tracking number is FedEx tracking # 794426316994 and we have not received it back yet. We are currently tracing the package. We will ship a substitute today from within the EU once you pay the VAT (New Tracking number is fedex: 479735895191). We sent you a paypal invoice for the 20% VAT and expect payment today. Thank you

    14-03-2011 15:36 CET
    OK.Waiting for transfer to the private account for paypal.
    Today or tomorrow I will pay.

    14-03-2011 17:44 CET
    Thank you

    15-03-2011 07:13 CET
    VAT paid.
    PS- first watch back - nr Fedex 867603574091

    18-03-2011 12:18 CET
    Watch arrived but did not work
    What can I do?

    18-03-2011 13:30 CET
    The watch was tested before leaving the factory and it works fine. You have to wind the movement in order to make it work. This is an automatic watch and needs to be wound in order to build a power reserve. Please read the owners' manual on the DOXA website or on the CD enclosed in the package. Thank you

    18-03-2011 14:14 CET
    I bought 2 doxa.I know how the movement. And this does not start at all.

    18-03-2011 15:00 CET
    Please return it to our Address in Austria and we will send you a new one:
    Name: DOXA WATCHES c/o IS GmbH
    Street: Mauerbachstrasse 40/5
    ZIP: A-1140
    City: Vienna
    Country: AUSTRIA
    Tel: +43 1 577 35 35 11
    Thank you
    DOXA watches Inc.

    18-03-2011 19:00 CET
    Watch sent
    Fedex 867602981710
    in Vienna on Monday

    19-03-2011 06:29 CET
    Thank you, we will replace it ASAP
    DOXA watches Inc.

    Looks like DOXA got VAT from me, and VAT refund from FedEx. That makes $800.

    If it is not the nigerian style fraud - please explain me what it is ?
    Ostatak diskusije možete propratiti na OVOM linku.

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    Men invented time. Seiko perfected it.

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    Određen forumom Re: DOXA Customer Service

    Eh, nije to vise ona Doxa koju je kupio @Simahrabri! Steta!

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    Određen forumom Re: DOXA Customer Service

    Ovo je strasno,sada znam da mi na pamet nece pasti ni da pomislim da kupim Doxa sat sigurno...

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    Određen forumom Re: DOXA Customer Service

    Uhuhu.....bilo je žestoke rasprave!!!
    Hehehe.....šta reći.....s***a se dešavaju i prečesto izgleda, kada je Doxa u pitanju!
    Što napisa jedan baja: Doxvicta !

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    Određen forumom Re: DOXA Customer Service

    Citat HADzI DALIBOR kaže: Pregled poruke
    Što napisa jedan baja: Doxvicta !
    Bas tako... razocarao sam se u njih iako ne odustajem od dugorocnog plana da nabavim jeda SUB 1000T Professional... bar jos ne
    No time to lose

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