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    Određen forumom Omega najavila novi hronograf mehanizam

    Omega sprema novi hronograf mehanizam za predstojeći Basel 2011 koji i nije tako daleko.

    New In-House Omega Chronograph Movement Launches at Baselworld 2011

    Steven Urquhart, Omega’s CEO, has confirmed that the long-awaited in-house chronograph movement will make its debut at Baselworld next year.

    The new chronograph mechanism will not piggyback on top of a calibre 8500 series movement, and will be new from the bottom plate up. It will however copy the 8500's double-barrel power system, will incorporate three level coaxial technology and retain the now familiar column wheel configuration.

    This new 14 lignes calibre with a power reserve of sixty hours – slated to be called the 9300 and 9301 - will replace the somewhat effete Piguet chronograph movements in all men’s watches. The Piguet 3313 will be enhanced with three-level co-axial technology and will find a home in women’s chronographs. Having once observed that weighing the mighty calibre 1861 against the Piguet chronographs was like comparing a builder’s labourer to a ballet dancer, I applaud the decision to build a more robust men’s chronograph movement.

    Omega has acknowledged the need for “a more sturdy chronograph movement with an emphasis on quality and reliability”, the subtext of which is that the Piguet series did not live up to such benchmarks. The decision is yet another signal of Omega’s trajectory towards a manufacturing ethos that gave the brand such an unassailable reputation in production watchmaking in the nineteen-fifties and sixties.

    I think that Omega aficionados will have much to anticipate at Baselworld next year.

    Source: http://new-omega-watch-reviews.blogs...-movement.html

    Deo intervjua sa Omega CEO, Stephen Urquhart-a, koji je objavljen na jednom povećem portalu/forumu...

    Citat PuristSPro kaže:
    AD: Will there be a new chronograph movement designed around the co-axial escapement? And if so, will this be an in-house development or derived from Piguet?

    SU: Ok, very interesting, this came up before in the previous interview [meaning the session just prior]. We've already said so, so I can say it again, we have an in-house chronograph movement in the works that will be presented next year in Basel. In-house, not based on the 8500, but the same technology, with double barrel, with a column wheel, with three-level Co-Axial. That will be a very important introduction for us. We will keep the Piguet 3313 that will be upgraded to a three level Co-Axial escapement for certain models, mainly - size-wise - ladies chronographs. This will be a more sturdy movement with a 60 hour power reserve with an emphasis on quality and reliability. It will replace a lot of our existing models, especially for men.

    AD: And this will be an automatic movement, correct?

    SU: Yes. For the moment we have an option conceivably to make it also manually wound. At the moment the only manually wound movement is the Moonwatch movement which we don't want to change. It's an iconic product, I think. It's a fabulous movement, all the connoisseurs love it and we don't want to touch it. We don't have a co-axial in it. One day all the mechanical movements will have a co-axial escapement except the Moonwatch.

    Edit: Samo da dodam da na poslednjem linku imate malo poduži intervju sa Stephen Urquhart-om, ja sam izvukao samo onaj deo koji se odnosi na novi hrono mehanizam. Zanimljiv je članak (na engleskom) pa preporučujem da ga pročitate.

    Poslednja ispravka: dragon (13.9.2010. u 20:36)

    "Never look back, look forward, step forward even if only half a step at a time, knowing how to be flexible in order to accept changes, be sincere"

    Men invented time. Seiko perfected it.

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    Određen forumom Re: Omega najavila novi hronograf mehanizam

    Zaista lepo, voleo bih da pogode izgled sata (ne suviše klasičnog), standardne cene i Omega je ponovo na mesecu.

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