F.P. Journe Octa Sport Aluminum
by Kyle Stults
Aluminum case…movement, too!
Last year esteemed watchmaker F.P. Journe launched the first high-end mechanical watch made of aluminum, the Centigraphe Sport. This year he follows with the second model in the F.P. Journe “aluminum” line, the Octa Sport. The Octa Sport (note the stylized Octa “S” on the dial) has several useful features on the dial including a date window and small seconds subdial and is very much in the style of FP Journe dials; of course the best thing about this watch is its full-on aluminum construction — including most major movement components.
This said, I actually find the watch to be more ‘sophisticated’ than ‘sporty, and I don’t see what the AM/PM and power reserve indicators add to the watch, particularly with regards to sportiness. A nice look, yes, but a little bit quirky, unnatural, a little ‘off’, for what I would consider to be a sport watch. Basically, I think that FP Journe is one of those high-end watchmakers who makes watches first to please himself, and if others like it then great — i.e. I would consider his work to be an ‘acquired taste’, and this piece is consistent with said point of view. Price for the F.P. Journe Octa Sport is $25,790 on a rubber strap and $31,050 on the aluminum bracelet.

FP Journe Octa Sport
42mm aluminum case, automatic mechanical manufacture movement (aluminum bridges, rotor (tungsten insert for weight)), on rubber strap with folding clasp
view through the caseback