Kako Sinn šalje remene......da se slučajno nešto ne dogodi u transportu, remeni su blago rečeno zaštičeni u "Bomb-proof" Pelican case-u

Mail od Sinn-ovog sales managera u vezi ovog Peli kućišta

Dear Sir,

i would like to thank you on the behalf of Sinn Spezialuhren for your kind request and your interesst in our range of highest quality timepieces made in Germany.

The Pelican-Case shown in the link you provided was never used by Sinn Spezialuhren to ship out straps or watches, neither was it ever purchasable or offered by Sinn.

Frankly speaking, the box shown in the internet thread mentioned is just a hoax, somebody fitted a Sinn Spezialuhren merchandising sticker on top of a Pelican-case and posted it as genuine strap packaging. I can certainly confirm that this has never been true and that a box like this has never been offered by us in any correlation.

It would be economical nonsense using a box like this to ship out a single strap. For instance, we use papercard boxes to ship straps and even for those boxes insured shipping overseas costs up to 120€. I think most customers would disagree if we would charge them the double price just to pay up for the postage of our huge Pelican strap boxes.

Same for the four-watches-box shown by the same member in the same thread. This box was also never officially used by Sinn nor was it ever used as a packaging tool by us. I cannot tell why the member in this thread makes all these false claims nor can I tell where he got these boxes from. I can, however, certainly tell that he has not purchased them from Sinn Spezialuhren.

Given this, please understand that I cannot offer or sell you a Pelican case.

Thank you for trusting us, I wish you a successful, pleasant day and assure you that your order will be executed carefully and to your full satisfaction.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

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