Dali je neko čuo za Calasys, Vincent Calabrese-ov novi osilator?


“After reminiscent stories deserving of Amarcord, the Master outlined the characteristics and potential of Calasys, defined in a nutshell as «a true alternative to the spiral hairspring », the oscillator created in 1675 by Dutchman Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695), and in use for five centuries with no substantial modifications. Calabrese showed how it worked on a pre-existing movement – the wellknown Eta 2892 – in which the spiral hairspring had been replaced by the Calasys connected to the escapement, keeping the rest of the mechanism totally intact. With an industrial prosect of global importance, the aim of the Calasys System is to “eliminate the defects of the hairspring simply and effectively” and “to be suitable for use in every type of escapement” obtaining greater performance and much easier maintenance. The other extraordinary aspect is that Vincent Calabrese will not sell the new system to the highest bidder. He will, instead, share the discovery with the entire watchmaking world: «I’m more interested in the philosophical development of our sector than making money.»”

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